Kostenets, 20 Yantra St

"Maritza - N&S" Ltd.

About us

“Maritza – N&S” Ltd was founded in 1991. It started as a commercial firm, then obtained a building and equipped it for a process of a mechanical manufacture. Machines and equipment were bought for rubber production.

Now the firm spreads over a 1200 sq. m. built–up production area and covers 300 sq. m. warehouse. The whole yard area is 4500 sq. m.

The firm is continuously expending and enlarging its technical equipment to satisfy the changing market needs and to answer the new customers’ demands.

“Maritza-N&S” Ltd produces rubber and silicone products “O”-rings, “K”-cuffs, gaskets for domestic appliances and other rubber products weighed up to 15 kg., articles designed for using in various conditions of work – long temperature interval, contact with abrasive or aggressive agents, static or dynamic pressure and deformations, bad weather conditions.

In 2004 we were certified by “Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance” to (Bulgarian) standard BDS EN ISO 9001:2008 systems of quality control.

Materials used in production

NBR - nitrile rubber (oil resistant)

NBR/S – colored NBR rubber (oil resistant)

HV8/810 – silicone rubber